Walnut – one of the most unusual and surprising plants created by the nature.

This unusually beautiful tree with a sprawling crone and a powerful trunk has come to us from the preglacial period. People of all epoch loved and appreciated it unique wood, extraordinary nutritious and tasty fruits, useful oil and many other things – the walnut never stinted generous gifts for the person.

Walnut – the most useful kind of nuts, and them it is necessary to include walnuts in a daily diet, and useful recently collected nuts are considered as the most tasty.

In territory of Ukraine "Аgaia" LLC is the unique company which has possibility in short terms correctly to overwork, pack and throughout all year to keep freshness of a kernel of a walnut.

Cooperating with our company, you always receive a product which has as much as possible kept in itself useful substances, microcells and vitamins of recently collected walnut.

Not simply so a walnut names still an imperial nut, after all in it so many useful substances. About curative properties it was known still in the ancient time. Into structure of a kernel of a walnut enters: fiber (18 %), the sugar, drying up fat oil (to 75 %), provitamin A, vitamins C, Е, Р, To, groups In, mineral substances (iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, cobalt, iodine, copper), tannins.

One more advantage of a walnut is that it is possible to eat it crude, after all other nuts (a peanut, almonds, pistachios and other versions of edible nuts) are subject to thermal processing that promotes reduction of useful properties. And not a secret that the best source of antioxidants and substances, neutralized toxins, from everything that has thought up and the Mother-nature has embodied on the earth - there is a tsar of nuts - a walnut.

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In territory of Ukraine "Agaia" LLC is the unique company which is able to overwork, pack correctly, and to keep throughout all year a walnut kernel, keeping its useful properties which are described above. Our company sells walnut only qualitative grades many years and has had time to earn authority on many countries of Europe. You can buy walnuts from us wholesale and retail. Purchase of a walnut at us - guarantees to you stability of delivery and invariable quality of the given product. If you think: «А. The walnut will be bought by me from other company or in the market" here that we to you will tell: «Yes buy a walnut you can where it is necessary for you. But! Any company and any seller in the market doesn't guarantee quality and reliability, and speed of delivery - and we to you guarantee it"!

The walnut which price very different in all territory of Ukraine, not only possesses very high flavoring qualities, but also is very useful to your health.

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